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  • Overture at Frisco, Texas
  • Arpeggio Victory Park, Texas
  • Platform Apartments, Texas
  • Avana Arts District, Oklahoma

A natural catastrophe can turn your world upside down. It’s heartbreaking to see your home and possessions completely or partially damaged and figuring out the next step can be overwhelming.

Whether you live in an apartment building, condominium, townhome, or other multi-family property, the UDR experts will help you jumpstart the property damage loss mitigation process. More than providing you quick access to the comfort and safety you’re used to, our interior and exterior construction and renovation are designed to increase your property value and help you thrive. We’ll also make sure to abide by all the required codes and permits for your area.


  • Southern Plains Medical Center, OK
  • Anadarko Family Medical Clinic, OK
  • Atlantic Medical Research Ctr., FL

Having a reliable disaster recovery partner is essential to resuming business processes and we continue to provide care for your community in the aftermath of a disaster. Perhaps you need to provide life-saving assistance for already hospitalized patients or those who suffered injuries as a result of a calamity. Maybe your private practice was engulfed by fire or floods and your entire livelihood is at stake.

At UDR, we have the expertise and the specialized equipment to help you get back on your feet. We’ll present you with an accurate budget and timeless and maintain close communication, so you can easily check the pulse of the project.


  • Atlantic Missionary Baptist Church, NC
  • Huggins Memorial Baptist Church, NC
  • Denton Airport, TX
  • AZ State Credit Union, AZ
  • Toys R Us, LA

Getting your business back on track after disaster strikes is crucial. Whether your commercial property sustained serious damages from a flood, fire, earthquake, tornado, windstorm, or other natural disasters, you might be struggling to keep the lights on and pay your employee.

The right partner can help you easily navigate these hardships so you can minimize your losses. At UDR, we provide superior commercial property restoration and reconstruction services to buildings and offices, to quickly transform a setback into a strong comeback and grow your bottom line.


  • La Quinta Inn & Suites, TX
  • Days Inn Hotel & Suites, TX
  • Holiday Inn, AR
  • Quality Inn & Suites, TX
  • Best Western Inn & Suites, AR

As one of the leading global sources of employment, the hospitality industry generates an impressive amount of revenue. Both natural and man-made disasters can shake your business to the core, leading to a significant loss of employment and revenue.

After restoring and protecting properties for some of the largest corporations in the country, we understand that your business’ survival depends on your ability to honor important commitments. We’ll make sure to get your business ready for welcoming guests as soon as possible, whether it’s for individual reservations, conventions, or trade shows.


  • Manatee County Municipal, FL
  • Seaside Heights Municipal, NJ
  • Buckeye County Municipal, AZ

When a disaster takes over your municipal or governmental offices, you need a safe place form staff to operate. Whether you were affected by terrorism, a digital security breach, fires, loss of electric power, or equipment breakage, reconstruction should be immediate and intentional.

Operational downtime could be minimized by recovering losses on data centers, servers, and other critical infrastructure. Our superior disaster restoration services allow you to make the most out of your resources, adapt to the new normal, and assist customers and communities when they need it most.


  • The Williams Company, UT
  • Cushman & Wakefield, FL
  • Water Treatment Plant, NJ
  • ONEOK Inc. Gas Co., OK

When a disaster affects a water treatment plant, an energy midstream service provider, or a company that provides the infrastructure needed to safely deliver natural gas products, it negatively impacts the entire country. Our disaster recovery services are meant to help industrial facilities turn an unfortunate event into an opportunity for operational improvement.

We also provide scientific recommendations and compelling evidence of damage which allows you to build a powerful recovery case for insurance companies.


  • Oklahoma City Community College
  • Tulsa Tech, OK
  • Charter Schools, Dallas Metro, TX
  • Private Schools, Dallas Metro, TX

Natural disasters can badly damage or even destroy schools, learning centers, research hubs, and more. When this happens, ensuring a sense of normality amid tremendous devastation is imperative for your students’ educational success and wellbeing.

UDR’s quality workmanship and vast expertise in disaster recovery for educational settings will enable you to reopen the doors sooner than expected.


  • Meryl Lynch, Boca Raton, FL
  • Butters Realty Miami, FL

Financial organizations face unique challenges when a calamity unfolds. Having a strong disaster recovery plan is actually a requirement imposed by the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC) in 2015 after Hurricane Katrina left most banks in a deplorable state.

If you operate a financial facility, a natural disaster could:

– Cause significant damage to your buildings and equipment.

– Flood or burn branches and ATMs.

– Lead to a lack of electrical power or fuel for generators meaning your computer systems would be inoperable.


UDR has the map covered when it comes to one-stop access to expert knowledge, extensive resources and capability to support all disaster requirements. We provide nationwide services and have a rapidly expanding project footprint across the country.

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