Following the initial recovery stages of the disaster recovery protocol process, the reconstruction of your facility and the beginning stages of future planning begin. Think of the reconstruction stage as the restoration of the core elements of your building and the blueprints for improvement. Unified Disaster Resources (UDR) provides a unique skillset, state-of-the-art equipment, and efficient reconstruction solutions to return your location to useable space while preparing for modern enhancements during the capital improvements stage. Throughout reconstruction UDR maintains consistent communication and provides complete documentation of recommendations, work performed, services provided, and more.

Capital improvements are the enhancement of facilities, often due to aging construction. These are permanent structural changes that can increase the value of a property. The improvements are the capstone to the initial work completed during the reconstruction phase and provide an upgraded footprint with the completion of new capital projects. The goal of every Unified Disaster Resources (UDR) capital improvement project is to rebuild a facility so it meets current needs.


general contracting services

Whether you’ve experienced fire, storm or water damage, a qualified general contractor will need to take the lead on the reconstruction of your space. UDR is a licensed general contractor with extensive disaster experience and a proven record of reconstruction success. From the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC of your facility, to specialized remodeling and carpentry, we have the staff and tools available to complete your rebuild. We can also provide a wide variety of capital improvements. Our general contracting services are available for all of your reconstruction needs, and at any other stage of the disaster recovery or improvement processes.


architectural plans

The information necessary for the reconstruction of any building can be immense. Our staff of experienced architects will handle all of the exterior design and development elements, construction contracts, feasibility studies and will provide the comprehensive project management skills required for successful project completion. No task is too big or small; our architectural services have been enlisted for a wide variety or facilities, from large multi-family complexes to small commercial buildings. We also provide complete cost transparency and present you with numerous options, especially during critical steps of the process.


Overture - After 7

Receive complete roof repair and replacement services from UDR. A formal, documented inspection and identification of roof damage will be completed with rotted framing, decking, and other compromised elements removed early on in the protocol process. During reconstruction, our framing experts will prepare a custom configuration for a new, highly-efficient roof and develop the designs for framing and the roof itself. Initial pre-implementation work will begin at this time, but will be finalized and primarily completed based on decisions made during the capital improvements phase.


balcony seal coating

Balconies at any facility are vulnerable to weather and can negatively impact the structural integrity of a building if damaged. UDR protects balconies with high-quality seal coating applications that are water and damage resistant. We begin by examining the current state of existing balconies and/or develop new balcony designs during reconstruction and over the course of the exterior renovation process. All cracks, crevices, edges and joints are completely sealed, water resistant materials are applied, as is a finishing layer. Each material is designed to retain the seal with a protective coating that lasts.


interior design

UDR specializes in providing interior renovations that match the needs of the facility and the people who use it. This is the time to put interior design plans into action. Interior renovations include first-class visual elements and a complete build-out. We will incorporate the items identified in your designs (e.g., appliances, lighting, hardware and finishes.) Also included are reinvigorated original concepts, as well as upgraded infrastructure enhancements that offer protection and backup. We handle a wide variety of complex installations and designs that need to stay on time and on budget.

Exterior Envelops - Part 1


Exterior Envelops - Part 2
exterior envelops

The exterior envelope of your building is your first line of defense from weather events and we ensure upgrades are completed amid capital improvements. During the reconstruction phase, an assessment and inspection of the outer shell will occur. Old envelopes that are damaged will be removed and UDR will install an exterior envelope that is strong and can withstand high-stress events, including violent storms and extreme temperatures. The support mechanisms will provide structural stability, the control aspects will make ventilation and intake efficient, and the finish will offer pristine visual appeal that is aesthetically pleasing.


UDR has the map covered when it comes to one-stop access to expert knowledge, extensive resources and capability to support all disaster requirements. We provide nationwide services and have a rapidly expanding project footprint across the country.

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