Comprehensive Restoration, It’s True: Addiction Resources Center

Igniting the Flames of Rapid Restoration

The Challenges

Uncertain Path to Recovery

Having never been involved in a disaster before, Addiction Resources didn’t know where to start when a fire severely damaged their building.

Unbelievably Short Timeline

The rehabilitation facility had to be functioning within 30 days, or risk losing their state license.

Complicated Contractor Juggling

Addiction Resources tried to coordinate all the different contractors needed to make the repairs and quickly became overwhelmed and discouraged this could be fixed in time.

The Process

“Forty percent of businesses do not reopen after a disaster” – Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Mission impossible…or at least that’s how the Addiction Resources Center felt after an enormous fire in their building threatened to close their doors with the loss of their state license. As a critical care facility, the State required the center to have their building back up and running within the short timeline of 30 days— a feat that seemed impossible to owner Susan Sargent as she began trying to contact multiple contractors for each different step of the fire restoration process.

Like most of us, this was the first time the center was involved in a disaster.  Thinking she was on her own, Susan quickly became overwhelmed and the pressure of getting everything finished within 30 days was taking its toll.

A referral quickly brought Unified on site, and the project outlook immediately looked brighter. Within two hours, Unified had a plan in place and was presenting solutions for restoring the damage.

Fast-forward to a few days later, and Unified accelerated insurance approvals and had begun restoration work on the property.  Using a strong network of contractors and in-house experts, Unified completed the project within 5 business days of getting the green light from insurance!

When random challenges popped up during the whirlwind restoration, Unified was there to help with those, too!  During the reconstruction process, the Addiction Center discovered that their safe had been damaged in the fire and no longer opened. Unified paused, helped them address the problem, and had the safe returned in working condition within two hours, cleaned, oiled, and looking better than new!

The timeline



Without the resources and expertise to do it on their own, Addiction resources was relieved when Unified stepped in and handled the rest of the project. Having a single company coordinate all the reconstruction and mitigation work for the fire damage was a huge relief for the center. Daily updates from Unified provided peace of mind that the project was on schedule and on budget. Unified had the center fully restored within five days of breaking ground. 

According to Susan, After Unified stepped in to help mitigate damages, “Mission Impossible” turned into an easy and relaxing process.  Or, as Unified likes to call it, “Mission Possible”.



“I wanted to truly thank all of you for the work that you have done. Your team has been amazing and you guys have made this process a lot less stressful than what it was.”

 –Susan Sargent


All the work was completed in less than 15 days of the fire.

Working around the clock, Unified maintained the Addiction Center’s state license.

Unified’s extensive contractor base allowed us to contract special ordered security/alarm system. The new equipment was installed in three days.

The Addiction Center enjoyed working with Unified so much, they called us back to conduct a remodel for them!


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  • Reconstruction
  • Mitigation
  • Contents Cleaning